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Get Thrilled.

Business owners I’ve talked to said they were blown away at their agency’s presentation and proposals at first. Only to discover a huge letdown once they engaged in a working relationship. On top of that their emails were getting completely ignored. Unanswered.

It’s not cool when an agency signs up with you and does not answer your emails promptly and their creativity is less than thrilling. You ask yourself, “How did I get myself into this situation?” Let me tell you – It happens A LOT.

When clients come to me I have to do damage control from the effects of the previous agency. I tell them often that “I’ll be waiting on you for approvals” not the other way around. And it is true. I end up waiting and prodding but I’m okay with that. People are busy. It’s not awesome to make a client wait so I don’t.

Presentation time? When it comes to presenting AgencyCircus’s Creative Marketing I give several options and reasons why they will be successful.

And of course, I include a Marketing Calendar. I do not tolerate anything that loses subscribers. You never know if the one you lost could have made all of the difference in the world to your profitability. I’m not throwing around buzzwords in this article to blow your hair back. I’m just trying to share with you what works.

Measurements and analytics are also lacking with some agencies. With our clients, it’s not a surprise when they receive multiple reports regarding their Email Marketing stats, (most opens, etc.) Site stats during a campaign, new prospects for CRM, Facebook Stats from boosted posts, as well as all other social media outlets. All first-round email campaigns are followed up with email drip campaigns to further entice the prospect. Especially if they’ve shown any interest at all. You know things like that…

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